Street Racing Syndicate Free Download

Street Racing Syndicate Free Download

Street Racing Syndicate Free Download PC Game Direct Link for Windows.

Street Racing Syndicate (SRS) is a racing video game developed by Eutechnyx, and published by Namco on August 31, 2004 for Windows-based personal computers.

About Street Racing Syndicate (SRS)

Street Racing Syndicate, or ‘SRS’, as it was abbreviated to, was a racing game released on a variety of games consoles, including the Playstation 2, GameCube, Xbox, PC, and GameBoy Color. The game involved illegal street racing in a variety of licensed cars, including those from Subaru and Nissan. Throughout the game, players were challenged to win the affection of different ladies by completing challenges to impress them. Upon doing so they would unlock some video content of these women. One feature the game possessed that its closest rivals did not, was a damage system. This system could effectively bankrupt a player if they were not cautious, as damage repair costs were extremely expensive. Need for Speed: Underground had a similar, urban feel to its game style, but SRS possessed an open-world system – something that was only implemented with Need for Speed: Underground 2’s release. This may have been a response to SRS boasting this feature beforehand.

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Game Features:

  1. Street Racing Syndicate is one of the most realistic street racers ever to grace PC. Modify over 40 authentic licensed cars – including the signature Nissan Skyline – with aftermarket parts from over 15 licensed manufacturers. Cherry your ride with a variety of real-world decals and graphic upgrades.
  2. Burn the competition to win cash, street cred or better yet, your opponent’s wheels. Earn the affections of 18 real-life models from the world of import racing
  3. Blow a turn or bump a fellow racer and incur damage in real time. Pay for repairs with your hard earned cash.
  4. Mix it up across Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Miami in both closed-circuit and perilous open-city races. Know your side streets and prepare to shake the cops at any moment.


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System Requirements:


CPU: 1GHz Pentium / Athlon CPU
GPU: 32MB DirectX 100% 9.0b compatible video card*
DX: DirectX 9.0
HDD: 2GB Uncompressed Hard disk space
Sound: DirectX 9.0b 100% Compatible 16-bit Sound Card
ODD: 4x CD/DVD Drive
Network: TCP/IP compatible Network

Street Racing Syndicate Free Download

File Size: 758.1 MiB

Please Note: You will need uTorrent to download the game.

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  2. how to install it

  3. After download torrent i tried to open setup but it shows me : The file name or volume syntax is incorrect! Please admin tell me how to install the game! How to open setup ( it looks that game is on russian language)

  4. oyun indirdim ama yükleme yapılmıyor setup dosyası hata veriyor yapılacak bir adım işlemi var mıdır

  5. How to change the language? I can’t speak russian


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